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How Solopreneurs Can Use the Law of Attraction to Grow Their Business

We have heard the expression, “You can have it all.” This may seem like a bit of a hyperbole, but according to the Law of Attraction or the Law of Abundance, it is not too far from the truth. We may be quick to identify external challenges as the reason we have not reached our targets, but the real obstacle may be within. Discovering these obstacles and lifting them is a significant first step towards success as a solopreneur.

What are the Laws of Attraction and Abundance?

The Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance are not identical, but they are related. The Law of Attraction states that people tend to attract results that are in keeping with their expectations. It includes the notion that we tend to attract positive people, for instance, if we have a positive attitude, and the inverse is also true, according to this theory.

The Law of Abundance takes the principles of the Law of Attraction and applies them to concepts of wealth. The notion of the Law of Abundance is that there is enough money for everyone who wants to seek it. Not everyone is highly motivated to seek abundance, but people can become motivated by examining their way of thinking and removing inner limitations.

What Steps Can You Take to Incorporate the Law of Abundance in Your Business?

· Ask Yourself “Why Aren’t You Already Rich?”

You may be operating under the assumption that not everyone can have abundance by reasoning that there is only so much to go around, but remove that thought, and at least for the moment, suppose that wealth is under your control. Ask yourself, sincerely, why you aren’t rich. There may be a flood of reasons or just a few, mainly related to external circumstances. You may be surprised to realize that many of these are in essence not really external but are self-limiting beliefs.

· Examine Your Reasons

Examine the reasons you came up with as answers to the question above. If you cite external causes, “Because I don’t have the right software” or “Because I don’t have the time.” You may find that you can trace each one of these to an internal self-limiting belief. Can you think of ways to free up more time? Could you take a small loan to buy software that will transform your business? Do you need the software to generate more revenues? Analyze each of these reasons carefully.

· Look for the Hidden Lessons

Think of failures as lessons. Some failures seem out of our control, but if we look carefully, we can find things we could have done to prevent a hard impact. For instance, a financial crash may seem like it is outside of our control, but the lesson could be it is always important to have a few months of income put away in case of emergencies. Perhaps the loss of a client was due to communication skills that can be improved or maybe the loss of that client could have paved the way for a higher paying one if we had just kept looking for opportunities.

· Discover Your Main Internal Obstacle

Through this examination, you may have noticed one theme that keeps coming up. There may be one internal obstacle that is the biggest roadblock. It may be that you are worried about failure or you aren’t sure you can do it or maybe you don’t like having to deal with new technology. Be honest about what is holding you back and find ways to resolve these limitations so you can go forward and grow your business.

Are Your Money Mistakes Keeping You from Abundance?

Some of my smartest clients with the best business ideas still have a difficult time embracing abundance and wealth. I’ve discovered from working with them that there are 4 money mistakes that cause solopreneurs to get stuck in their tracks. Join my next Master Mind on September 28 – October 1, 2022, to discover if you’re making any of these mistakes and learn how to banish them for good!

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